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Talent concept

Employee concept:
Give chance to employee who want to work, give stage to employee who can do work, and give status to employee who can achieve.

Talent is essentialresource for developing a enterprise. As emperor Liu Bang said, ‘Working out a perfect plan and winning battles far away, I cannot match Zi Fang’s ability. Comforting common people and ensuring people dressing warmly and eating full, I cannot match Xiao He’s ability. Unifying millions of armies to war and getting victory every time, I cannot match Han Xin’s ability. The three men are all talents. I get the world because I use and give them important position.’ Excellent staff can make enterprise more brilliant. We should break the limit of qualifications, age, academics, gender and area, then format flexible situation and everyone realizes his value.

1.Giving opportunity to who you want
We should attach great importance to the interests and professional or special skills of employees, and improve their working conditions, training plan as well as career path plan to promote their individual career development. We improve employee satisfaction by paying attention to corporate culture management and let everyone work in earneste lively atmosphere and communicate harmoniously and happily. Motivating staff’s potency can help person and company grow up together. If we just see treatment as a method of retaining talents, won't they will be attacted longer by the charm of career, emotion and cultural concept?The company sets up an activity of rational proposal and this means give a good chance for staff to realize their ‘Thinking’. Moreover, the company is developing an internal open recruitment system, a backup leader selection and training system from college students, which provides a good development opportunity for people who want to head.

2.Giving stage to who can
Let competent man have stage and unserviceable ones go. With the development of the compamy it is extremely urgent to make a set of normative talent management system. Perfect management may encourage staff to study hard and work seriously. We set up study and practice stage for everyone and try our best to let staff realize their value and show their talents. Finally, talents grow up rapidly and our company realize dream.
Our company implements the system of competing cadres positions and weed out the bottom person. We'll let the one go if he does not want to or is unserviceable to work, and give talented people a stage to show their talent.

3.Giving status to who succeed
Now, company focus on cultivating young people and gives young people a lot of opportunities. Success is no longer the senior privilege, is no longer the privilege of management cadres and generation composing theory is outdated. Every trade has its master. As long as make great contribution to enterprise, you can get in return. Gold medal contribution award, appraisal of a model of the establishment, giving internal incentive stock...Through a variety of incentive mechanism we can effectively stimulate the subjective initiative and creativity of employees at all levels, in which all employees hope to become talents.

Definition of achievement concept
“Did X 100=0, Done X 1 = 100”. This concept comes from the Wolf Executive Concept which has the following meaning: Even if you know how to do one thing, it doesn’t mean that this thing can finally be done. Even if you have done this thing, it doesn’t mean it has been done perfectly. Did equals zero, while Done makes 100.

Blooming and yielding fruits is the law of Nature. A fruitful life can only be called a perfect one. Just because of the high attention paid to the results, students from generation to generation diligently and perversely take numerous tests; just because of the high attention paid to the results, people have the courage to persist long-time hard work; just because of the high attention paid to the results, people have the broad vision of step back and suffer to get their desired future. The Giant Mr.Deng Xiaoping once said it doesn’t matter whether the cat is black or white, as long as it catches mice. History has proven that all those highly successful people focus on the achievements. It tells us that the attention paid to the achievements can make a person success, make a nation glorious, and eventually contribute to the whole human society.

Maybe someone will state that what he cares is not the achievements but the progress. But try to think, if Confucius didn't pay attention to the achievements, how can he get the title of Chinese sage; if communists didn’t pay attention to the achievements, how can Chinese people relieve from oppression; if Mr.Deng Xiaoping didn’t pay attention to achievements, how can China take the policy of opening-up and stage onto the new chapter of socialism with Chinese characteristics; if Edison didn’t pay attention to the achievements, how can we enter into the electric times and have such lighted life; if Bill Gates didn’t pay attention to the achievements, how can we communicate with each other through the internet.

Take our Yangzijiang Shipbuilding Company Ltd. as an example, it is all because we focus on the achievements, we can deliver our first 10000TEU successfully and all our efforts pay back. Furthermore, we pay a lot of manpower, wealth and energy into production realm, however, if one accident happened, we get one "NO" for the whole progress. Our accountability system is set up based on the above theory. As an old saying goes: With the skin gone, to what can the hair attach itself? We will be at a loss and be a born loser if we only care about the process while neglecting the achievements. Therefore, only if we concentrate on the achievements, can we learn how to persist, learn how to use our wisdom, learn how to be brave.