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Vaccination for all staff to build a great wall of health

2021-04-06 views 507

Taking COVID-19 vaccination and b uilding a herd immunity barrier are effective measures to block the spread of COVID-19 and protect the health of the whole people. In order to ensure the smooth, orderly and standardized vaccination of all staff free of charge, Jingjiang Municipal Health Committee and Jingjiang Disease Control Center organized the "Mobile Vaccination Group " composed of professional medical staff from all hospitals, health centers and preventive health centers in the city to Jiangsu new Yangtze Shipbuilding Co., Ltd for their first station at NYZ .

C old chain area, inquiry and registration area, waiting area, vaccination area, observation area, suspected vaccination abnormal reaction disposal area, etc. are arranged; computer s , printer s and whole process monitoring facilities are equipped. In the A dministrative B uilding of the G roup, the No.3 meeting room has been transformed into a temporary centralized vaccination point for new coronavirus vaccine, which can accommodate 12 people s for consultation and 24 people s for vac