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2020-10-12 views 476

On the afternoon of October 10, the 4th General Meeting of Jiangyin Charity Association and the Award Presentation Ceremony of Outstanding Charity Contribution took place at Jiangyin Grand Theater.

The meeting voted and approved the recommended list of the council president, executive vice president, vice president, secretary general, executive deputy secretary general, deputy secretary general and legal representative of The Fourth Board of Directors of the Jiangyin Council of charities, and awarded for outstanding contribution to Jiangyin charity project, individual, unit (Organization), enterprise and the fight against the pandemic. Mr. Zhang Hongfei, General Secretary of the Party branch of our group, was elected to be the vice president of the Fourth Council of Jiangyin Charity Association.

Our group won the title of "Jiangyin Charity Outstanding Contribution Enterprise". In addition, the "Guangming Trip Cataract Recovery Project" initiated and implemented by Jiangsu Yuanlin charity foundation was awarded as "Jiangyin Charity Outstanding Contribution Project".