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YZJ signed a contract with PIL for four 8000TEU LNG dual- fuel Container Ships through "Cloud signing"

2022-07-05 views 844

On July 5, YZJ signed a contract with Pacific InternationalLines (PIL Singapore) for four 8000TEU liquefied natural gas (LNG) dual-fuelcontainer ships. The representatives of both parties completed the contractsigning through the means of "cloud signing". Mr. Ren Letian, Chairmanof YZJ Group, and Mr. Zhang Songsheng, Executive Chairman of PIL (Singapore) signedthe contract documents on behalf of both parties in the presence and mutualwitness by Mr. Lars Christian Kastrup, Chief Executive Officer of PIL, Mr. TonnieLim, Chief Trade Officer of PIL, Mr. Zhang Tao and Mr. Zhou Ke Wei, Deputy GeneralManager of YZJ Group.

This signing is the second cooperationbetween PIL and our Group after the cooperation of 12 units of 11800TEU ContainerShip project in 2015. The two sides have always maintained close communicationand exchange of information. As the direction of ship fuel transformationbecomes clearer, the two sides, based on the new stage of development, activelyplay their respective advantages and work together again for new cooperation.

This batch of 8000TEU liquefied natural gas(LNG) -powered dual-fuel container ship is the latest wide hull ship typedeveloped by Shanghai Ship Research and Design Institute. The ship can operateflexibly not only on regional routes but also on ocean routes. The mostimportant feature of the ship is that the LNG fuel tank adopts GTT membranetechnology, which is the first application on this ship. In addition, the shipis designed with ammonia ready fuel tank, which is convenient to refit the shipwith ammonia fuel in the future, making the ship operation more green andenvironmental protection. The ship also meets PHASE 3 Energy Efficiency DesignIndex (EEDI) requirements. The main engine adopts WIN GD iCER exhaust gastreatment technology, and the ship meets Tier III emission standard.