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Yangzijiang Shipbuilding Group Shipping Center's "Comprehensive Quality and Ability Enhancement Training Camp" was successfully completed

2023-10-15 views 175

This week, the completion report of Group Shipping Center's comprehensive quality and ability improvement training camp was successfully held. Mr. Ren Letian, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Group, Mr. Chen Yumin, General Manager of Planck Consulting, Mr. Fei Dongjing, General Manager of the Group's Shipping Center, as well as all the trainees of the Shipping Center attended the completion report.

During the six-month training camp, all members of the shipping center received a series of training, which initially achieved the effect of comprehensively standardizing behavior, promoting management and enhancing work efficiency. At the completion of the debriefing meeting, the groups participating in the camp according to the content of the training were "harvest and application", "action cases", "case development report" three aspects of sharing. The general manager of shipping center, Mr. Fei Dongjing, made an overall report on the project around the three major issues of "why we want to learn, what we have learned, and what we have done". After listening to the report, Mr. Ren Letian, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Group, issued certificates of completion to the representatives of the trainees and delivered a speech. He hoped that each employee should cherish the opportunity, unity and cooperation. What has been done, said, useful to organize into words, the formation of the Group Shipping Center, "General Instructions for Management", the overall standardization of personal behavior, and strive to create a unity of knowledge and action, unity as one of the shipping management team.